A project of Sukuma arts e. V.

Stories of Change

The world needs idols for sustainability in practice! “Stories of Change” discovers inspiring ideas and solutions from diverse sustainability initiatives in Dresden and the surrounding area. Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly preoccupied with sustainability, questioning and rethinking how they live and work. They initiate projects, transform their companies, and slowly change their environment.

Through the film project “Stories of Change” the Sukuma arts e.V. captures inspiring role models for lived sustainability. Under the motto: “Look. Carry on. Participate”, SoC presents short video portraits of participants, initiatives and companies from in and around Dresden, who tackle global sustainability locally.

What are we doing exactly


Every year we produce short trailers about inspiring people from initiatives and companies who are committed to sustainability in Dresden and the surrounding area.


Each spring, we host an interactive kick-off-the year event with exiting guests that showcases great campaigns. Later, in autumn, we celebrate your premieres, talk about current topics and develop new visions together. Meet pioneers of change and connect with people from politics, business, and civil society.


We spread the stories through social media, the cinema, at festivals and at other events. Through our network we can inspire people for a more sustainable life and encourage them to participate.

SDG - 17 sustainability targets

On January 01, 2016, the United Nations adopted the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)” as an agenda for action for the world community over the next 15 years. We can and should all participate in its implementation. The formulated goals are valid worldwide, but their implementation in the global South and the global North requires different measures. “Stories of Change” presents people and initiatives in Dresden that deal with the topic of global sustainability at the local level. Often several global and local targets are addressed simultaneously. In order to understand local actions in their global dimensions, we connect each of our videos with at least one sustainability goal.

why the fish is flying in “Stories of Change”

A fish in an aquarium, always swimming in circles, unable to break the glass. The only way to get out is to think outside the box and fly. You can compare us to this fish! We too are trapped in our usual patterns of action and ways of thinking. Just a few people have set out to break out of the self-destructive consumer society. We hold on to those stories and share them. Because everyone has the opportunity to learn to fly.

who we work with